Healthy Hips!

Use the closed loop bands to provide great mobility work in the hips. Doing these warm ups will help you improve and maintain your natural movement patterns long term!

Scapula Health Part 2

Performing Scapula shrugs is a great way to improve your movement patterns and posture over time. Try them with bodyweight or using the cable.

Scapula Health Part 1

Use bands to brace your shoulders and scapula into proper position. Eric and Shane show you how!

Be Consistent with Bands!

Large closed loop bands can be used for numerous exercises and mobility moves inside and outside of the gym. Here are just a few ways to train with one if you’re on the road or can’t make it to the gym. Come see an MFC trainer for more details!

3 in 1 Abs!!

Check out this awesome 3 in 1 core combo! Get a lot done in a short amount of time!

Improve your pain now!!

Use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball to relieve tension in your traps, back and glutes against the wall. For more help see our video “Office Hacks” and touch base with an MFC trainer.

The Hamstring March!!

Try the seated hamstring march/ walk to explore a new variation of hamstring exercise! See an MFC Trainer for best ways to incorporate new exercises.


Help build up posterior chain strength with hyperextensions! Shane shows you how!

Zumba at MFC Naperville!!

Change up your cardio routine and try out Zumba at MFC!!

Proper Pec Fly!

Performing a fly for your pectorals incorrectly can be risky and ineffective. MFC trainer Kim is here to help get you on the right path to quality form!