3 in 1 Abs!!

Check out this awesome 3 in 1 core combo! Get a lot done in a short amount of time!

Plyometric Push-Up Variations!!

Work on your plyometric push-ups and see how well your strength training program is translating to body-weight explosive exercises!

Half Turkish Get-Up

The best exercise you’re not doing..the Half Turkish Get Up!! Learn how to properly perform this exercise!!

Back Attack!!

Work your back muscles with the one-arm row! Choose an appropriate weight, keep your elbow close to your body, and pull towards your hip! Shane and Kim walk you through the proper steps!

Glute Gains Part 4!!

Develop your glutes with step-ups and walking lunges! Start out with your body-weight and progress to using dumbbells for added resistance. Kim and Alissa will take you through these glute building exercises!

Glute Gains Part 3!!

Work your glutes and hamstrings with the straight leg deadlift and glute bridge! Kim and Alissa show you how!

Glute Gains Part 2!!

Work your glutes with body-weight squats, goblet squats, and heavy front dumbbell squats on steppers and risers!! Kim and Alissa show you how!!

Glute Gains Part 1!!

Try out some glute kick-backs, glute pulses, and glute crossovers!! Kim and Alissa show you how!!

3 Back Exercises you need to try!

Check out these 3 exercises for your back! Exercises include a wide-grip lat pull-down, an underhand cable pull-down, and a standing straight-arm pull-down! Try for 10-12 reps on all 3 exercises!

Band Walks!

Band Walks! Strengthening your hips can be very beneficial for your lower back. You can use this exercise to help strengthen your hips! This exercise can be paired with body-weight squats as well!

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