Proper Pec Fly!

Performing a fly for your pectorals incorrectly can be risky and ineffective. MFC trainer Kim is here to help get you on the right path to quality form!

Dumbbell Deadlifts!

Using a dumbbell is a great way to begin doing deadlifts! Along with mobility work, performing this exercise will improve your hamstrings long term. Form is key so see an MFC trainer if you need assistance!

Office Hacks!!

Try these lacrosse ball moves at your desk or home to keep your body moving well! See an MFC trainer for more ways to improve mobility and health.

Dead Bugs!!

Dead Bugs!? Try out this awesome core exercise!! Shane and Alissa show you how!!

Strength Camp!

Learn from MFC trainer Eric Small on Mondays at 4pm and 5:30pm at Strength Camp. Participants will gain knowledge and technique with the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. See you then!

Improve Your Hip Mobility Now!

Help improve your hip mobility with these simple, effective exercises! Use these exercises to help improve your range of motion on squats, deadlifts, and lunges! These exercises can be performed at the beginning or end of your workout!

How is your shoulder health?

Shane and Alissa show how to properly perform mobility work for your shoulder and upper back! Use these exercises to help prevent injuries! See an MFC trainer for more info on shoulder health and mobility!

Plyometric Push-Up Variations!!

Work on your plyometric push-ups and see how well your strength training program is translating to body-weight explosive exercises!

Half Turkish Get-Up

The best exercise you’re not doing..the Half Turkish Get Up!! Learn how to properly perform this exercise!!

Back Attack!!

Work your back muscles with the one-arm row! Choose an appropriate weight, keep your elbow close to your body, and pull towards your hip! Shane and Kim walk you through the proper steps!