Build with Bridging!

Hip thrusts and glute bridges can be a great way to develop lower body strength. Shane shows us a few variations that can work well for most individuals.

The Right Row!

Doing horizontal rows can be a great way to develop back strength. Eric shows us how to engage our posterior doing bent over barbell or dumbbell rows and cable low row. Keep it safe and effective at Midwest Fit Club!

Best Burpee!

Doing Burpee’s can be an effective way to burn calories if done correctly. MFC trainer Matt shows us the proper approach needed to safely implement this movement. Notice the wide stance!

3 Back Exercises you need to try!

Check out these 3 exercises for your back! Exercises include a wide-grip lat pull-down, an underhand cable pull-down, and a standing straight-arm pull-down! Try for 10-12 reps on all 3 exercises!

Half Turkish Get-Up

The best exercise you’re not doing..the Half Turkish Get Up!! Learn how to properly perform this exercise!!

Be SMART and set a goal!

With a new year around the corner MFC trainer Kim talks about SMART goal setting. S- specific M- measurable A- attainable R- realistic T- time

Band pull aparts!

Prepare your upper body for exercise using a resistance band. Performing these movements regularly will improve range of motion and shoulder health.

Real Fly!

Lateral fly can be a great way to isolate and develop the muscles in your shoulders. As always, it’s important to focus on form before adding weight to the exercise. Enjoy!

Use it or Lose it!

Midwest Fit Club trainer Matt gives us insight and indicators regarding our bodies range of motions. Mobility is one of the keys to long term quality of life and wellness.

Band Push Ups!!

Challenge your push ups by adding a closed loop band! This is great way to add resistance to your upper body horizontal pressing without adding weights.