Getting Back to My Roots | Naperville Fitness Center

Greetings to all the blog readers, and thanks for coming back.  It’s actually Sunday morning, and believe it or not, I am doing a front desk shift here at MFC over the holiday weekend.  It’s been a fun and busy morning, but it’s also given me time to reflect on some of the reasons why I decided to start MFC with Shane in the first place.  Let’s get right to it.

Back in 2009, I joined the Cardinal Fitness (CF) in Wheaton, and got paired up with Shane as my personal trainer.  After a year and a half of training at two CF locations, I decided to take a position with the Cardinal Fitness in Glen Ellyn as a morning opener twice a week.  Sure, it was difficult to get up at 3:50 on those days, but the morning regulars and staff made it worthwhile to come in for my shift.  Getting to know the members by first name and seeing the progress they made with their fitness was very rewarding.

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By July of 2011, I started meeting with Shane about possibly opening up our own independent gym, and began looking for suitable locations.  We look at a couple of spots where we would have to build out our own space (i.e. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE), but none of them worked out.  We ended up negotiating with CF to acquire the Naperville location, and the rest is history.

Which brings me back to what’s been happening this morning.  I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces, and met some morning regulars who I don’t normally see.  Believe it or not, I actually ran into one of our morning openers who I had never met, as our paths never cross here at the same time.  It’s interesting to see the fitness journeys of each of our members, with people at various stages in their lives.  Some people continuing their same hard work in the gym, while other people got back in here after a long time off to get healthy again.

No matter who they were or how long they have been training, they were all here for the same reason: to get themselves healthier and better shape than when they first step foot into our gym.  That’s why I am happy Shane and I are running MFC with our staff, and hope that we have provided a great outlet for our members to accomplish their fitness goals.

Speaking of our staff, I need to give them a big shout out.  The one major difference between working an opening shift here and at CF is the fact that we have a fitness class room here at MFC with a lot of different components going on.  This morning, Kim Cassidy’s class was both Spin Fit and Fit Camp, meaning bikes, two sets of mats, steppers and 4 risers on each side.  Now, I had never set up a class, and Patrick did a good job loading all the bikes into the room the night before.  I just never realized exactly how labor intensive it is to set up and break down a class like that.  So, to our manager and front desk staff, I say thanks for the hard work and I can now appreciate the work you have to do to get things set up for each class.

Well, it’s a shorter blog entry this week, but I figured I would get it off my chest while it’s fresh.  Thanks for reading and I will check in again next week.