A Time for Fitness Reflection | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  I am back to blogging after a brief hiatus.  Thanks to Geoff for writing his blogs on the site.  It gives a good balance between what we both write, and it doesn’t leave pressure on either one of us to come up with a bog entry each week.  So, thanks again to Geoff Adler for his good work.

It’s been an interesting few days for me, as I turned 40 yesterday.  When it comes to milestone birthdays like this, there are a lot of sayings out there about how to handle it:

  • “Age is just a number”
  • “40s are the new 30s”
  • “Say goodbye to the flirty 30s and bring on the naughty 40s”
  • “You’re not 40, you’re 18 with 22 years of experience”

No matter how you you want to phrase it, hitting 40 marks a new chapter in my life.  Instead of freaking out about reaching this age, I think it’s healthy to use the moment as a time for reflection on where I am with my life, and where I want to go from here.  Specifically, as it relates to a fitness blog like this, I have thought a lot about how to proceed with my fitness goals and I wanted to share some of my thoughts in that area.

Steve WO

The first thing that is absolutely critical to me is that I have to get myself healthy.  I have been battling a few different health issues that have really affected my performance while at work and at home.  I won’t bore you with the details of what’s going on, but there are a few different things that are leaving me very fatigued and are affecting my life in many ways.  I have gone to a few different doctors about some of these ailments, with no imminent solutions in the future.  So I decided to go to the Mayo Clinic at the end of the month to get examined and find out what’s going on.  The only reason I share this is that I don’t think this is anything life-threatening (i.e. cancer), which has been the first question I get when I tell people about heading up to Rochester.

The interesting part about going to the Mayo Clinic is that I have absolutely no idea how long something like this will take.  I am being examined on the 31st, in which I hope they give me a game plan of finding out what’s going on along with an expected time frame on how long it will take.  I’m at the point where I want to get these issues resolved, no matter how long it takes.  Hopefully everything is cleared up and I can attend the “Bowling for Bounceback” fundraiser on August 7th.

The other issue I have contemplated is what intensity level do I want to maintain with my workouts.  Eventually my physical activities will hit the point of diminishing returns, which basically means that even though I might put in more effort into these workouts, I will start getting less efficient workout results with what I do.

I asked Shane about how I should look at fitness in my 40s, and he brought up some great points, including:

  • There are a lot of factors used to determine how someone’s physical ability is affected by age
  • People can keep excelling well into their 60s, as long as they put a lot of effort into it
  • Diet and exercise are crucial at this point, as this affects metabolism and hormone levels
  • Stretching and mobility drills become even more important to prevent injuries

A lot of these things hit home with me.  I have been putting a lot of time into stretching and mobility drills before workouts, but have been too exhausted to do them afterwards, which is something I will need to change.  As far as injuries go, I am dealing with a few different things that have occurred over the last few weeks, but I feel as though those issues are getting much better.  It’s also encouraging to see guys a few years older than me still doing great things in their workouts that I would like to achieve, but I just want to be smart about how I do things so that I don’t get hurt.

Considering all the things I have addressed in this blog, I think the goal for me is to keep things going the same in my workouts, while having our trainers just monitor the form I use in each exercise in order to avoid injury.  The more import issue for me is to not get discouraged with some of the maladies I have, and to put my trust in the doctors up in Rochester.

I do appreciate the kind words of support I get from our members, as I go through my fitness journey.  Hopefully I can return the favor and support you guys with where you want to go with your fitness activities.

So keep your fingers crossed, and let’s hope for a quick trip up at the Clinic.

Before I sign off, I wanted to thank everyone who came out for our MFC “Night on the Town” last Friday at the Foundry, to hang out with fellow members and to celebrate my birthday.  It was a very fun time, and it’s always great to see people outside of the gym atmosphere.  Our next outing might be to a local casino, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, and I will add another entry in 2 weeks.