I heard nothing but good things since Seating Concepts partnered with MFC for our wellness program. Thank you for helping us construct an employee wellness program that is comprehensive, fun, challenging and effective. The wellness program definitely helped enhance employee morale within the workplace. I would recommend MFC to anyone that is trying to control their health costs, I believe you can bring great value for the dollars invested in the wellness program.

TestimonialsIn January of 2011, our company made the decision to further show our commitment to a healthy lifestyle by bringing in Shane Herman to provide fitness classes and personal training for our employees. Twice a week employees of varying degrees of fitness and training knowledge were welcomed to our fitness center to work with Shane. This varied employee population could be considered intimidating to any trainer, but Shane has excelled in this area, taking the time to actively listen to our employees and their fitness desires and tailor a regimen to each individual. Word quickly spread around the office about the expertise Shane could provide, even outside of the Fitness Center, and he was quickly tapped into for nutritional advice, meeting menu suggestions, and even creation of workout plans employees could use while traveling. He also trained and participated with the Reyes Holdings team in the 2011 Chase Corporate Challenge and RIC Sky-Rise Stair Climb. Throughout the year Shane’s reputation as a knowledgeable and effective trainer has grown and the utilization of his expertise has steadily increased. We are eager to expand the amount and types of training provided by Shane and his team in 2012 and are excited for the healthy years to come!

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TestimonialsAfter many resolutions, attempts and failures to get in shape over the last 15 years, I was introduced to Shane Herman as a potential Personal Trainer. I started working with Shane and after only two weeks a had achieved more than I had collectively over the past 15 years. Shane provided the perfect balance of motivation and patience that allowed me to progress quickly but, most importantly, made me want to continue. I began to look forward to my time with Shane and together after only a few months, for the first time in 15 years, I am back in shape.
Motivated by my successes, many of my employees began to show interest in what I was doing. Shane developed a program that allowed them to join me and now most of my senior staff is involved in working out . This investment has returned better productivity, better overall attitude and, most importantly, a sense of personal success for all of us.

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