“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 15

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 15 By Geoff Adler   As a teen in the 80’s, I was heavily inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone films. In 1985 when First Blood II debuted, I was a typical impressionable 13 year-old pimply-faced boy. I remember seeing Rambo in the… [Read More…]

Check In and Win at MFC | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.  If you didn’t get in any fitness over the last few days, we’ll let it slide…..THIS TIME! We have some great news for our members.  In one of my previous blogs, I alluded to a new program designed for all of our current members. … [Read More…]

“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 14

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 14 By Geoff Adler I always imagine if I ever wrote a book I would title it: I’ve Got To Run: The life of Geoff Adler. Leadville, CO, known for its vacant coal mines, rolling hills and tall pines is also known for its… [Read More…]

Great Individual Results at MFC | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog. First off, I want to ask for your thoughts and prayers, as one of our original employees at MFC, Jay, underwent surgery today.  He will be out for a little while, but we are hoping for a speedy recovery. I have a big list of things… [Read More…]

MFC Trainer Fundraiser | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi guys.  Thanks for coming back.  I wanted to pass along information for our latest Midwest Fit Club fundraiser: the MFC Trainer Fundraiser. If you are a personal training client or if you take fitness classes at Midwest Fit Club, you have probably been pushed to your limits so that you can get the most… [Read More…]

Geoff’s Blog: A Message of Hope | Naperville Fitness Center

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” A Message of Hope: Week 13 By Geoff Adler In the movie “Shawshank Redemption,” set in a prison in New Hampshire, Andy Dufresne, played by the talented Tim Robbins, sends a message of hope to his friend Red, played by the equally talented Morgan Freeman. His letter… [Read More…]

Expanding Your Fitness Knowledge | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my blog. One of the reasons why I like working in the MFC environment is the knowledge I absorb from people around me that know a lot more about fitness and diets than I do.  I feel a lot more comfortable asking our trainers any questions I have, so… [Read More…]

Announcing a Great Charity Event | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone, and, as always, thanks for coming back to my blog.  I have a lot of great ideas about topics I want to address in the coming weeks, but wanted to talk about something we have going on at our Darien location. As most of you know, we opened up a second location called… [Read More…]

A Different View about my Diet | Naperville Fitness Center

The last few weeks have been a very interesting process for me.  My diet has changed, I am learning to cook foods I have never prepared before, and I am training harder than I have in a long time.  All to reach a weight-loss goal that one of my doctors set for me.  Most of… [Read More…]

Focusing on our MFC Members | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everybody.  Thanks for coming back to read my blog.  I certainly appreciate it. Speaking of appreciation, I wanted to devote this blog to the most important part of our business: our members at MFC.  Every now and then, I think back to when we took over our location, as it was Cardinal Fitness one… [Read More…]