Extended Gym Hours to Optimize Community Fitness Experience Naperville, IL, January 1, 2017– Midwest Fit Club, a premier fitness club in Naperville, is pleased to announce they will be offering 24- hour access as of February 1st, 2017. Now there can be no excuses not to get fit this New Year. “We have heard your… [Read More…]

Top 5 Exercise List | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  Happy Tuesday, and thanks for coming back to read our blog here at Midwest Fit Club.  When thinking about ideas and topics to address in my blogs, I look for things that are very relevant to what is going on in my life when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Along those lines,… [Read More…]

Getting Back to My Roots | Naperville Fitness Center

Greetings to all the blog readers, and thanks for coming back.  It’s actually Sunday morning, and believe it or not, I am doing a front desk shift here at MFC over the holiday weekend.  It’s been a fun and busy morning, but it’s also given me time to reflect on some of the reasons why… [Read More…]

Unique Fitness Opportunities | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog.  I wanted to fill you in on a few unique fitness opportunities that you should put on your calendar. Before I talk about these events, I want to get one thing out of the way — I HATE RUNNING!  I don’t know what it is about… [Read More…]

Nutrition Guidance from Europe

by Kim Cassidy Personal Trainer Midwest Fit Club Slainte!!   Slainte is an Irish-Gaelic term that means “Good health or cheers.” I just returned from a ten day family adventure traveling through Great Britain, Wales and Ireland. Having never been to Europe, I was expecting to see countries to be “behind the times” with their old… [Read More…]

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Blog 18

 “Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Blog 18: Volume 2: Issue 2 By Geoff Adler There is a timeless adage that states: “be careful what you wish for.” I had the chance to experience this lesson last week. In the deep winter, when spring seemed like a mirage and it looked as if… [Read More…]

A Time for Fitness Reflection | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  I am back to blogging after a brief hiatus.  Thanks to Geoff for writing his blogs on the site.  It gives a good balance between what we both write, and it doesn’t leave pressure on either one of us to come up with a bog entry each week.  So, thanks again to Geoff… [Read More…]

“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Blog 17

This month celebrates my one year anniversary of blog writing. I’d like to take a moment to thank Shane and Steve, co-owners of Midwest Fit Club, for the opportunity to express myself and host my blog via the gyms website. I’d also like to thank my Editor-in-chief, Adam K., who has been instrumental in editing… [Read More…]

“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 16

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 16 By Geoff Adler One of the most important things any gym member can do is manage their playlist. You see them in the gym; members wearing hooded sweatshirts, heads covered deliberately for focus and intent. For most people, music stimulates the body and… [Read More…]

Lots of Great MFC Updates | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi again, everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog.  I have a lot of material to cover in this blog, so let’s get to it. Last month, we held our first-ever meeting of the MFC Member Advisory Board.  This meeting was formed as a platform for members to give some feedback on the operations… [Read More…]