Lots of Great MFC Updates | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi again, everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog.  I have a lot of material to cover in this blog, so let’s get to it.

Last month, we held our first-ever meeting of the MFC Member Advisory Board.  This meeting was formed as a platform for members to give some feedback on the operations and services provided by Midwest Fit Club.  I wasn’t sure how this initial session would go, but I thought it went very well.

Based on our meeting, here are some things we are going to do:
• We are incorporating a more effective cleaning program for MFC.  We hired a cleaning company called Odor Xout Environmental, who will put a biozone protectant that will effectively clean 99.9% of all the bacteria on hard surfaces for 3 months.  It will also cut down on odors in places such as the locker rooms.  We will be using this service on a quarterly basis, which will make this an even cleaner environment.

• We are looking for an effective stairmaster system to use at the gym.  It will take several weeks to ship, and hope to have it here as soon as possible.

• We will have a bike rack set up outside for our members who want to ride to the facility.  We are looking at a solid rack that would be very hard to steal, and hope to have that soon.

• Member Parties outside of MFC: Recently, one of our trainers had her birthday party nearby, and invited a lot of MFC members to attend.  It was great to see members outside of the gym environment, so we are going to host some outside events on a bi-monthly basis.  Our next member party at the Foundry in Aurora on July 11th, with the time TBA.  It’s an opportunity for members to hang out together, and also a chance to shamelessly celebrate my 40th birthday party.  We hope you can come.

These are just a few ideas and suggestions brought up at our meeting, and we are working on other suggested topics to see if we can make them happen at MFC.  Thanks again to our Member Advisory Board, and I look forward to future meetings.

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MFC Pentathlon Fundraiser
I’ve talked about the MFC Sports Performance Pentathlon fundraiser we are hosting on June 27and 28th at our Darien location.  This is a fun way to test your athletic skills in five events: 30-yard sprint, chin-up hold, bodyweight squats, 1-minute push-ups, and a 500-meter row on our rowing machines.  The fundraiser is right around the corner, and we need your help with a number of areas:
• We would love to see a lot of MFC members enter the competition to see how they will do.  Registration is available at DoIt4Noah.com.
• Even if you don’t want to participate, you can donate to the cause at our website at DoIt4Noah.com.  It’s for a great cause called Noah’s Hope, which is doing all they can to raise awareness about Batten disease.
• We need help to staff the event, which includes greeters, registration workers, and station leaders.  If interested, please shoot me an email at Steve@MidwestFitClub.com.
• We also need support to take part in our WGN morning news segment on Friday morning between 8:30-10am.  WGN will be doing a live remote broadcast from MFCSP, and will be an opportunity to get you and your kids on TV.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending.  It’s going to be fun, as we welcome Skates from the Wolves and some other VIPs in attendance.

Check In and Win
Last week, we launched our new Check In and Win program.  This enters each member into a drawing to win prizes at the end of the month.  Every time you come to work out at MFC, you get another entry into the pool of entries.  We hope to introduce many more sponsors into the mix to make this a fun event for all of our members.

MFC Fundraiser
We mentioned the fundraiser going on with MFC Sports Performance, and will be announcing an upcoming fundraiser for MFC.  Not to get into too many details, but the event is our version of a popular family activity with an athletic twist.

Thanks, and I hope to see each of you soon at MFC.