Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness is about building a strong support system for individuals in your company who are interested in living a healthier, more productive lifestyle, in and out of the workplace. MFC trainers get to know corporate wellness clients of theirs as individuals and then develop a plan and a program that will work for those individuals. In turn, corporate wellness clients often experience an increase in energy, better concentration, improved sleep, improved blood sugar levels, decreased blood pressure, and an overall happier, healthier body and mind.

MFC’s Corporate Wellness programs are a great way for companies to

  • Reduce Work Days Missed by Employees comprar proscar
  • Decrease the Cost of Health Care
  • Increase Worker Productivity
  • Decrease Worker’s Comp/Disability Claims
  • Decrease the Number of Injuries Incurred by Employees

“It’s team building… and most importantly, it’s life changing.” – Shane Herman, Director of Fitness

Please contact MFC at 630.922.1000 or fill out the MFC Corporate Wellness Form to learn more information about how MFC can help your business reach its goals more effectively through fitness and health.

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