“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Blog 17

This month celebrates my one year anniversary of blog writing. I’d like to take a moment to thank Shane and Steve, co-owners of Midwest Fit Club, for the opportunity to express myself and host my blog via the gyms website. I’d also like to thank my Editor-in-chief, Adam K., who has been instrumental in editing every single blog; I am indebted to him for his encouraging words and positive perspective. Finally, I’d like to thank you, my reader, for following me on the road this year. I am truly grateful for your undivided attention and participation; as Neil Diamond sings: “good times never seemed so good.”


When you work for a bustling and eclectic gym like MFC you get to know the regulars. I have had the unique opportunity to work both the morning and evening shifts with regularity, and the daytime shift periodically.


What is unique about working these shifts is that each pocket of time brings in certain members. I’ve been fortunate to develop a relationship with many members. For instance, in the very early mornings there is an older couple who are first to arrive. I’ve come to learn that exercise is part of their daily ritual. For them, it is a way of fortifying their marriage by exercising in tandem before work. Late mornings bring a band of retired gentlemen whom I jokingly refer to as the spin bike mafia, as they monopolize a bank of spin bikes and kibitz boisterously amongst themselves. I accommodate a woman who prefers an elliptical under the fan, and adjust the television as she prefers watching CNBC during her time on it. In the evenings, I can count on the business professionals seeking time to decompress on the treadmills or Stairmaster. There are others who ask for special class reservations and I am happy to serve them as well. What is interesting is consistency; people generally patron the gym at the same time each day.

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In the early mornings, when the chores are done, and after the fitness room is set up for the next scheduled trainer’s specifications, I sit at the front desk, and enter reflections in my journal. I thought I’d share some of my submissions over the last few years.


7-10-2012: The time is 7:00 a.m. I’m staring out the picture frame window in front me. I’ve been here since 4:15. Today I watched the sun rise. It’s amazing to watch an event like the sunrise; to survey the horizon and witness a transformation a true celebration of nothingness to daylight, a monochrome sky to a spectrum of vibrant colors.


8-16-2012: The whisper of modern equipment wisps all around me in monotone rhythms. I fight the urge to fall asleep. I am surrounded by blaring music and enveloped in thought and sound. Today I am very much aware of time. The clock is my enemy. Its seconds hand mocks me.


7-22-2013: I have reached a milestone. I found the keystone in life. I am now professionally pointed in the right direction, working a part time gig in fitness, and teaching full time. I am intrinsically motivated to teach, to educate, and confer with students and peers. My summer mornings are occupied here at the gym, leaving daylight hours to family, chores, and ancillary obligations.


8-12-2013: 4:25: This morning haze rises like mist from my sleepy synapses. Above my head, high in the heavens, a full moon hangs with a red silhouette filter overlay. The humid morning promises biblical like proportions of heat. The vacant gym is eerily dark from the outside.


                 7:30: One full pot of coffee brewed and consumed. I’ve been awake since 3:50. Caffeine is my miracle. On fumes of sleep, I have never felt so alert and awake. I am feeling another ancillary benefit – a feeling of empowerment, that anything is possible, that all challenges can be overcome.


These are just a few highlights from my entries.


As an employee of MFC, I have had the opportunity to observe you, and watch you from a distance. I’ve seen you, my reader grow, or shrink (depending on perspective). I have watched you struggle, watched you in frustration, watched you triumph and overcome your own hurdles. Over the last few years I’ve watched you express an array of emotion. Thank you for your continued inspiration and daily dedication to MFC.


Over the next year, I look forward to continuing writing for you, and keeping you updated in a way only I know how. See you in the gym!



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