Fitness Classes in Naperville

Group room

Midwest Fit Club offers a wide variety of group classes. Classes are available 7 days a week and are open to all fitness levels. More than 30 classes take place each week. With the guidance of MFC’s friendly instructors, you can get in great shape while having fun!

Classes include Core N Cuts, Yoga, Fit Camp, Spin Fit, ZUMBA® and Body Weight Conditioning.




This 60 minute class will focus on your back, chest, shoulders and arm muscles utilizing bodyweight movements, dumbbells, barbells and bands. The focus of this class is to increase your upper body’s muscular endurance, strength and flexibility. Class will end with a core circuit to target your abdominal area.

Duration: 60 min. All fitness levels welcome. Modifications made for injuries and/or limitations.


Come join the fun! Zumba is the largest dance-fitness company in the world. The Zumba program is a blend of easy-to-follow choreography that is set to upbeat international rhythms. Coined the “fitness-party”, Zumba classes provide total body conditioning which will tone and sculpt while burning fat.

Duration: 60min. All fitness levels welcome . No dance experience needed.


Bodweight exercises are used to target overall balance, flexibility, strength and core conditioning. Cardio circuits are incorporated to raise your heart rate. Stability balls, steppers and tubing may also be used.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


This class will challenge every major muscle group including your lungs through compound moves, cardiovascular and strength training.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


Join us for an indoor cycling class that is both fun and challenging for all fitness levels. Come and experience endurance intervals, sprints and hills with motivational instruction and energizing music. SpinFit is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness while burning lots of calories.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.
**Tuesday 10:00am only 45mins in length**


This combination class starts with 40 minutes of interval training on the cycling bike. The final 20 minutes of class will be focused on core exercises that target the abdominals and lower back.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


Improve and restore natural movement patterns and alleviate muscle soreness. This class is great for all fitness levels no matter your fitness goals! This class will consist of active stretching movements, foam rolling and static stretching. Midwest Fit Club is offering this class FREE to all members! Perfect addition to your workout routine.

Duration: 45 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


This challenging class will run you through a variety of interval training circuits that will keep your energy and heart rate up safely and efficiently for the first 40 minutes of class. Core circuits will be incorporated at the end of class to focus on the abdominal area and lower back. This class may be bodyweight only or light weight dumbbells or barbells may be used. Class may be inside or outside, weather permitting. Make sure to bring a towel to this class!

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.
**Tuesday 10:00am only 45 minuties in length**


Bodyweight and dumbbell circuits working in a high repetition range is what is in store for you in this class. You will be focusing on muscle and cardiovascular endurance as we push you to hit rep totals in this full body training class.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


This full body workout class starts with 30 minutes of indoor cycling intervals and climbs followed by 30 minutes of resistance training. Strength training will use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands and stability balls.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


Strengthen and tone your entire lower body in circuit based, boot camp style class. The main focus of this class is the muscles surrounding your thighs, legs and butt to shape your lower body. Class will finish with core exercises to target your abdominal area as well as your lower back.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.


A flowing sequence of yoga postures linking body movement and vigorous breath. Cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and endurance in this 60 minute power yoga class that calms the mind, awakens the soul and tones your body.

Duration: 60 minutes. All fitness levels welcome.