Extended Gym Hours to Optimize Community Fitness Experience Naperville, IL, January 1, 2017– Midwest Fit Club, a premier fitness club in Naperville, is pleased to announce they will be offering 24- hour access as of February 1st, 2017. Now there can be no excuses not to get fit this New Year. “We have heard your… [Read More…]

Getting Back to My Roots | Naperville Fitness Center

Greetings to all the blog readers, and thanks for coming back.  It’s actually Sunday morning, and believe it or not, I am doing a front desk shift here at MFC over the holiday weekend.  It’s been a fun and busy morning, but it’s also given me time to reflect on some of the reasons why… [Read More…]

Unique Fitness Opportunities | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog.  I wanted to fill you in on a few unique fitness opportunities that you should put on your calendar. Before I talk about these events, I want to get one thing out of the way — I HATE RUNNING!  I don’t know what it is about… [Read More…]

A Time for Fitness Reflection | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  I am back to blogging after a brief hiatus.  Thanks to Geoff for writing his blogs on the site.  It gives a good balance between what we both write, and it doesn’t leave pressure on either one of us to come up with a bog entry each week.  So, thanks again to Geoff… [Read More…]

“A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 14

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” Volume 1: Blog 14 By Geoff Adler I always imagine if I ever wrote a book I would title it: I’ve Got To Run: The life of Geoff Adler. Leadville, CO, known for its vacant coal mines, rolling hills and tall pines is also known for its… [Read More…]

Great Individual Results at MFC | Naperville Fitness Center

Hi everyone.  Thanks for coming back to my blog. First off, I want to ask for your thoughts and prayers, as one of our original employees at MFC, Jay, underwent surgery today.  He will be out for a little while, but we are hoping for a speedy recovery. I have a big list of things… [Read More…]

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” A brilliant idea: Week 10

Quick update – since my last post, I kept to my promise. As a result, to date I have lost approximately 2.5 pounds bringing me from a stout 210 pounds to a feathery 207.5. I have set my long term goals to reach 180 pounds and / or 15% body fat. I have no time… [Read More…]

“Geoff’s Blog: A Fat Man’s Guide to Happiness” New Years Resolution and Grappling Shame (week 8)

It’s dark out and I’m walking my dogs through Lakewood Valley’s quiet subdivision amidst the snowfall. It’s quiet out. Silent. My breath is muted and muffled by the blanket of snow. With my head and ears covered I see cars on the street before hearing them pass. My head is filled with a jumble of… [Read More…]

Facetime – Free Movie Apps for Streaming

This set of free film programs will fit hundreds of free streaming movies at your fingertips. Install them on your smartphone or supplement, and you’ll be ready to view the free movie of the decision in just a few minutes time. Not merely do these free video applications allow you to view movies, but many… [Read More…]

Unveiling new MFC Challenge? | Naperville Fitness Center

Sorry for how late this blog is coming out, but this is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last few days.  Yet, this entry will be a bit incomplete — actually very incomplete. I will fill you in with the back-story, and unveil the rest of the plan either this weekend… [Read More…]