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Mindful Eating

So often we eat mindlessly. We stuff food into our mouths while working on the computer, watching TV, or when we’re on the run. The pleasure of eating lies in slowing down and fully experiencing all of the elements of food. Take some time to explore each of the following during your next meal and… [Read More…]

Mindful eating is the opposite of mindless eating

shareit apk download Every year the average American is consuming an estimated 10lbs of preservatives and additives, due to their poor food choices. With all the mindless eating, it is easy to say we have lost sight of what actual food/fuel is for the body. Health issues are at an all time high. Metabolisms are… [Read More…]

Updating the facility to create new fitness opportunities

As one of the two co-founders of Midwest Fit Club (MFC), I, Steve Arch, wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give our current members more details about what exactly is going on at the Naperville location. On Wednesday, December 21st, MFC will officially open its doors after purchasing the facility from Cardinal… [Read More…]

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness is about building a strong support system for individuals in your company who are interested in living a healthier, more productive lifestyle, in and out of the workplace. MFC trainers get to know corporate wellness clients of theirs as individuals and then develop a plan and a program that will work for those… [Read More…]